I’m a writer and a lover of podcasts, so it was only a matter of time before I made a post about my favorite writing podcasts. Here they are in no particular order:

1. Unpublished with Amie McNee

Amie is an unpublished novelist and a prominent voice in the Instagram writing community. Her podcast is relatively new and is devoted to exploring the writing life before writers become published. Amie shares her experiences working at a publishing house and even shares some of her own rejection letters. On this podcast, Amie encourages writers to be vulnerable and lead creatively fulfilled lives. If you’re facing writer’s block or worse (in my opinion) writer’s discouragement, this podcast will remind you that you’re not alone in your dreams.

2. Keeping a Notebook with Nina LaCour

I love Nina LaCour. I first fell in love with her novel We Are Okay, and then I fell in love with this podcast. Each episode explores a different aspect of the writing process. How do you write a character driven story? How do our individual perspectives shape the stories we tell? Nina LaCour answers questions like these in her podcast with wisdom that comes from being a writer for many years. These episodes are short ranging between ten and twenty minutes, which means they’re easy to squeeze in between class and on your commute.

3. Grownups Read Things They Wrote as Kids with Dan Misener

This podcast isn’t like the other two on this list. It doesn’t offer any writing advice. Instead, it records people reading their childhood writing. It can be old poetry, journal entries, short stories, or a weird mashup of the three. This podcast is at once hilarious, sad, joyful, cringy, reflective, and nostalgic. The reason it’s on this list despite it not giving any writing advice is because it teaches a different, important lesson. Writers need to stop taking themselves so seriously all the time, especially younger writers. We can laugh at our old stuff, and we can celebrate how far we’ve come.

These podcasts work to build community among writers, and that is something I find so special about all three. I hope you find these podcasts both entertaining and helpful in your writing pursuits. What are some of your favorite writing podcasts?