For the past two years, the Oscars season has been a really fun time for me because I watch every single film in the Best Picture category. This year was especially fun because I watched them with my sister Caitlyn and our friend Alex. I even wrote an article for Infusion about which ones you should see and which you should skip. You can find it here.

This year I’m throwing a (very) small viewing party in honor of the award show. My friends and I are getting together to watch the show, play some Oscar bingo, and compete to guess the most winners. I’ve even bought some little Oscar trophies to give to the winners!

I like to think I know enough to be able to give my opinion on which movies to see, but I still can’t say for sure which I think will win. However, I will say I’m hoping “The Favourite” will win because it grabbed my attention far more than most of the other movies. I think it stands a good chance because along with “Roma” it has the most nominations overall.

If I had to give predictions,  I’d say “The Favourite,” “Roma,” and “Blackkklansman” are the most likely to win Best Picture, but honestly I won’t be surprised if I’m wrong. I don’t actually care about being right. I care way more about watching some awesome movies, which has already been accomplished.

Which movies are you rooting for this year?